Preparing for your video interview

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Preparing for your video interview

Across Africa, Covid-19 has compelled all companies (even the unwilling ones) to have greater reliance on technology.  In many instances, businesses are having to adjust to a new normal, i.e. a largely remote workforce. Many business functions are now conducted online. Not least among these are job interviews; in many cases employers have no option but to interview potential candidates via video conferencing applications such as Zoom and Skype. 


So, what is the difference in preparing for an in-person interview and a video one? What are the nuances that one should be aware of when preparing for an interview via video?


Confirm the platform

The interviewer may be intending to use an application that you don’t have or have never used before; make sure that you have the application downloaded and installed in advance and familiarize yourself with it before the interview. 


Check the Tech

Test the strength of your Internet connection to make sure that you have a strong enough connection to avoid glitches, jerking and skipping. You may have to move around in your house to find the spot with the best connectivity. Also test the quality of your sound, if necessary, invest in a quality headset and microphone.


Prepare the setting

Ensure that you don’t have anything destructive in the background (e.g. a television, inappropriate art). Make sure that nothing is obstructing the camera and that the camera cover is clean. Also, test the height of your chair in relation to the camera, ensuring that the camera is at a correct position and angle, showing both your face and shoulders.


Wear professional attire

Often people make the mistake of assuming that their appearance is “not that important” just because they are being interviewed from home. Dress professionally, just as you would if you were meeting in person.


Connect and Engage

Connect and engage your interviewer, eye contact and a smile goes a long way in ensuring that you appear genuine and affable. Try not to look away during your interview or look down at your notes too frequently. 


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